Bart Spicer - Electric Bike Aficionado

Bart Spicer. Founder of Juiced Up Bikes. E-Bike Hire in the Calder Valley

2016: Purchased a Volt electric bike to get fit after heart surgery…
2020: 3500 miles later, still going strong...and the bike!

How It All began

Whenever I was out riding many people would comment on the bike, where I purchased it from, and then ask where they could hire one rather than purchase.  The Calder Valley area is ideal countryside for e bike cycling with beautiful country lanes and canal paths …and so the seed of an idea was born.

I Like to do things differently. Having spent 28 years in the Army, one of the things I learned was ‘Measure twice, cut once. …’ Plan and prepare in a careful and thorough manner before taking action. This attitude reflects how I run the business, so that I can provide the highest standard of service to my clients.

Like to know more about e-bike hire?

If you have any questions about our e-bikes, rates, range routes or anything else, we are here for you. Ping us now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.