Why we chose Volt e-Bikes

Volt electric bikes has a great reputation for reliability, state of the art technology and style. With 8 gears and 5 power modes, disc brakes and puncture resistant tyres, the bikes are designed for all types of road and cycle path terrain. They can tackle the steepest of hills without requiring you to carry an oxygen tank! With a fully charged battery you will get up to 60 miles of cycling freedom.

“Volt is at the forefront of the ebike business” The Guardian

Volt was formed in 2010 in Buckinghamshire by two brothers who were fed up of bulky overpriced electric bicycles that didn’t have a very useful battery life and set out on a mission to create affordable yet reliable e-bikes that not only looked amazing but performed beautifully too. 

Here at Juiced Up Bikes we are the first to say that we ourselves use Volt e-Bikes personally and we are true fans, which is why, when it came to it, we had no issues in deciding which bike to choose!