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Bart Spicer - Electric Bike Aficionado

How It All began

The Juiced Up Bikes story began in 2016. I purchased a Volt electric bike to get fit after heart surgery. 3500 miles later, my bike and I are still going strong!

Whenever I was out riding many people would comment on my e-bike. “Where did you purchase it from?” “Is it possible to hire one?”

The Calder Valley is ideal bike safari territory. The stunning countryside with its long winding lanes, hilltop vistas and canal paths is perfect for two wheels (especially the electrically assisted variety).

An idea was born.

I Like to do things differently.

Spending 28 years in the Army teaches one to plan properly. A born perfectionist, I throw my all into doing things right and build contingencies into a business to ensure my clients are nothing short of delighted.

Juiced Up Bikes spent a good deal of time in the planning stage. Each aspect of the service was carefully considered from a customer experience perspective before action was taken. This approach reflects how I run the business. Standards are important and as the head boy here at JUB it is my job to uphold them for you.


Bart Spicer. Founder of Juiced Up Bikes. E-Bike Hire in the Calder Valley

Thanks for visiting Juiced Up Bikes. Your two wheeled adventure begins here!


Bart Spicer
Founder of Juiced Up Bikes

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